Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Important note about Amarok and KDE 4.11

Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog. In case you don't know me yet, I'm Mark Kretschmann, known in KDE mostly as the Amarok guy (I started it about 10 years ago). I used to contribute regularly to Planet KDE, back then on our Amarok server, but what happened then is Google Plus, and a server move. As I became more active again in Amarok development after a hiatus I figured I could start blogging again, now that the "huge" release 2.8 is approaching really fast. If you'd like to follow me on G+ where I'm very active, you can do it here.
Now an important message for Amarok users: If your Amarok has started to crash after upgrading to KDE 4.11, please upgrade your Amarok to version 2.8-Beta. Due to a change in a library, the older 2.7 series is not compatible with KDE 4.11 at this time, but the 2.8 series is. You can find the Beta release packaged for many distros, e.g. it's here for Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Debian: Kubuntu Beta PPA

In other news, the final Amarok 2.8.0 release is coming really soon. We're preparing it currently, but it will take a few days until it reaches you. I am going to post a detailed article about this important release here as well (hint: It's a glorious release with lots and lots of good stuff!)


  1. Hey, great to see you active on Amarok again!
    I might give it a try as well, after so many years ;)

    1. Yes, you should. It's a lot of fun right now as we're determined to revive the spirit of "old times" and make Amarok exciting again. If you check out 2.8 you will see some of the polish I applied.

    2. Sounds really nice. Never too late for another issue of Insider ;)

  2. Glad to hear about the upcoming new release. It must be a happy homecoming for you. :-)
    Hoping to hear more updates on nice features. I keep following all GSoC projects, hope they attain fruition.