Friday, August 16, 2013

"Return To The Origin" - Amarok 2.8 is here

It's the wonderful month of August and the Amarok Team is back with a very strong release. Amarok 2.8 is titled "Return To The Origin" as we are bringing back the polish that many users loved from the original 1.x series! The new Amarok is more fun to use, it's rock solid, and it has exciting new features.

I am really excited about Amarok 2.8, as it marks the first Amarok release in several years that I have personally contributed to. During my hiatus I had mostly been a user of Amarok, and sometimes also a bit of an advisor, but now our team is reunited and it feels great to be back home. My personal focus this time was all about bringing back the polish that our users loved about the Amarok 1.x series! Many of you will remember the fancy audio visualizer that makes a return - to the origin.

We sincerely hope that you like Amarok 2.8. A lot of hard work went into it - Ten years altogether.

Enjoy the new Amarok. Rediscover your music.

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